The best selection of our workouts for you


Try this innovative and original way of doing sport, improve your fitness and, above all, while having fun. Sign up for our dynamic classes of Body Jump. Hop on the trampoline!


Dance and get fit with this method. Join our dynamic classes that combine Latin rhythms with easy dance movements able for everybody. You’ll love it!


Aerobic exercise classes are ideal to slim and tone your body. This activity is carried on bicycles and taught by an instructor who is calling the intensity of the music rhythm beats.


Discover the benefits of this new modality, by moulding your body, it will improve your fitness dramatically whilst being very entertaining. Go ahead and try it, you will not regret it.


By incorporating the most athletic and functional parts of your body, our class with it’s advance fitness movements will help you develop your physical capabilities to have the perfect body. Come and try it!


Have fun doing sport with this disciplined fitness class to primarily strengthen, develop and maintain the body. Dance and exercise in our Zumba classes.


We offer you a new way to train with our TRX Suspension classes. Will provide functional strength, flexibility, balance and stability. Try the TRX classes and sweat with Villaescusa Sport.


We are committed to helping you achieve a more agile, flexible and strong body regardless of your physical condition. With our Pilates classes you get body and life care.

Classes throughout the day

In Villaescusa Sport our passion is health and sport. Our centre consists of a group of professionals who are highly evolved to the max with all collective classes taught. We endorse our great journey in this sector and the great team’s formation creating Villaescusa Sport. Our passion and enthusiasm for sports, dance, music and customer attention makes us improve our classes more everyday, so that each one of our customers enjoy the latest technology, quality and professionalism.

We aim to put at the service of our customers, all sports equipment, best techniques and best professionals for each class effectively.
We want your visit at Villaescusa Sport to be something that makes you feel, experience and enjoy this great world of sport and fitness. We want to support you, give you strength and desire to keep doing what makes you feel good and passionate.

We do sport, do you?


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